The TINI product gives a feeling of comfort and protection for teenagers. The pad is shorter and slender, anatomically formed to provide comfort, its special topsheet helps keep you clean and dry.

Tini Sensitive Duo


Our aim is to make hard days easier for women and provide a feeling of high comfort and protection. Our sanitary napkins are anatomically designed in order to prove comfort. The special topsheet helps keep you clean and dry.

Normal Sensitive
Normal Economy feels like Cotton


Super Freesia sanitary napkins are longer and have higher absorbency which guarantee absolute protection and comfort during the specially hard days.

Super Sensitive Duo


Night Freesia sanitary napkins are longer and have higher absorbency which guarantee the feeling of absolute protection and peaceful sleeping during the night.

Night Sensitive

Menstrual tampons

Our tampons are sterilized and have a high absorbency. The products have a rounded end and they are covered with a special quality non-woven layer which helps you insert and remove the tampon easily.

Panty liners

Freesia panty liners help keep you clean and dry between two menstruations. They can be worn discreetly so they help you feel comfortable. The different sizes, topsheets and shapes make it possible for you to choose the most convenient one.

G-strings with wings
Combi Form


Laurella intimate wipes are for everyday use. They help you feel clean and refreshed by using them during the hygienic treatment of the intimate parts of your body.

Cosmetic discs

Made of natural cotton. Soft, white, high absorbency. Primordially used for household, hygienic and cosmetic purposes.


Cotton buds

Freesia cotton buds are made of 100% cotton wound on a 8 cm plastic stick. Cotton buds are used for cleaning the nose and the external auditory meatus of babies and adults. They are also used for cosmetic and household purposes.

Round plastic box
Plastic box

Cosmetic products

Freesia cosmetic products are for everyday use. Cosmetic balls and cosmetic discs are used for everyday face-cleaning and make-up removal. The products are made of 100% natural cotton.

Cosmetic discs
Cosmetic discs
Cosmetic puffs

Make up remover wipes

Laurella make up remover wipes can easily and softly remove even the most stubborn make up so it does not block the pores while the balance of hydrolipides of the skin remains the same. The wipes refresh the skin.

Plasters for children

We offer Junior plasters for children. Their colourful motives make children forget about their injuries.

Pharmico Junior

Baby wipes

Assorbello children?s wet wipes are for babies. Due to their components they provide long lasting freshness without any irritation.

Assorbello economy

Family refreshing wipes

Multifunctional Novelty Family refreshing wipes can help you feel clean and refreshed anywhere at anytime. They are ideal for travelling, going on excursions and in the work too. You can use them at any place where there is no possibility for handwashing.

Novelty family


Pharmico plasters are sold in three different packaging in order to satisfy the needs of each generation.

Pharmico Classic
Pharmico Classic
Pharmico Junior