Company Introduction


Dispomedicor Zrt. has more than fifty years experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing various medical devices. The best manufacturing equipment and controlling units are used to manufacture the single use medical devices with nearly 200 employees working in two locations. The larger part of the products are sold in export markets – in many countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia -, while the company maintains a strong marketing position in the domestic market as well.


  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Bohemia
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Turkey

Company history in milestones:
Dispomedicor Zrt. is located in the eastern-part of Hungary, in Debrecen. -The legal predecessor of Dispomedicor started to produce surgical hand instruments and record needles about 50 years ago. At the beginning of the 1960s, after a huge investment, the factory moved to a different part of the city which is now the actual company location. Since 1963 the company has been the official holder of the Medicor brand name.
At that time, there were three profiles: Stainless steel surgical instruments, Injection needles and Medical equipment.
To satisfy the increasing demands in export and domestic markets, the company started to produce disposable hypodermic needles. In 1976 a new gamma irradiation plant was built for sterilizing the products.
A new plant was also opened in 1981 to produce stainless steel tubing for needles.
In the 80s the production was completed with the infusion techniques (infusion and transfusion sets and disposable bags).
In 1988 the company was transformed in several steps to a limited liability share company with different profiles; nowadays the company is specialized in single use medical devices.
In 1993, the company changed its name for Dispomedicor.
Regarding the security of our costumers and of the final consumers of our products, these are sterilized by Gamma (Cobalt 60) ray or by ETO gas in the factory. The staff of the company has got a great experience how to settle clean rooms, design and set up machines and manufacturing lines. Returning task is to establish new products and take them into production. In this field the company is working independently or with other firms to set up turnkey factories.

Our current range of products includes the following groups of devices:
Single Use Hypodermic Needles – Disposable Syringes for perfusion pumps and the whole variety of hand-operated syringes – Specialty injection needles – Infusion and transfusion sets – Disposable infusion and transfusion bags – Standard and custom made cut-offs tubes and pointed cannulas.
Our Company designs and manufactures machines, components and accessories for automated production, assembling and packaging processes for medical, pharmaceutival and other applications.

Mission: We are providing quality disposable medical products to our customers to increase their competitiveness in health care and quality improvement.

Vision: With disposable medical products to achieve market leadership through operational excellence in Central and Eastern Europe and to customer intimacy with niche products in Europe.

1. Continuous improvement
2. Quality consciousness
3. Total commitment to our customers and goals.
4. Social security and environmental responsibility
5. Confidence