Quality Policy

In 1996 Dispomedicor Zrt. received the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 and the right to use CE marks on its products. In 2002 the company certified its – according to ISO 14001 -built up system and then obtained a new certification, completed with the ISO 13485 certification describing the manufacturing requirements of the medical devices.

The company developed an integrated quality and environmental management system in 2002. Our integrated policy is the following:


The Dispomedicor Zrt. produces and distributes medical devices necessary for health care and conservation with the experience of many years, and well proved processes.

Our basic task is the successful management and to establish the basis for the realization of our objectives.

The main target of our strategic planning is the continuous fulfillment of the requirements of our clients by the introduction of environmental management systems, gradual reduction of the use of environmental resources, pollution control, dispose of wastes according to the legal requirements, and rationalization of energy consumption.

The feminine hygiene division of the company – the Freesia – has been present on the women’s hygiene market since 1999. Firstly cotton wool and cotton-wool based cosmetic products have been introduced. Today the Freesia product line is represented by a wide range of products on the women’s hygiene market. To fully meet hygienic requirements, Freesia tampons are sterilized, the Freesia ribbed sanitary pads and the Freesia sanitary towels are also availeable in sterilized form and all of our feminine hygiene products are manufactured under semi-clean operation conditions following the spirit of World Health Organisation specifications.

The surgical dressing division of the company has stuck to the traditional scope of activities comprising the manufacture of bandages, dressing materials, operational sets, and modern woundcare dressing products. A full range of operational set system completed with isolation drapes are configured in full packages which enables us to supply in 100 % all the existing 71 hospitals in Hungary.

The commitment of our employees helps us constantly fulfill the requirements of the exigent legal requirements and other prescriptions needed by Dispomedicor Zrt.

By the expansion of our education and training program, we want to make the environment protection part of the culture of our company.

The realization of our present policy is ensured by the quality management system certified since 1996 and the environment management system launched in 2002.